A positive way out of migraine

How much does it cost?

Imigran Recovery costs £7.99 (RRP) for a 2-tablet pack. It comes with a convenient carry case that will fit in your handbag, briefcase or pocket. Carry it with you at all times so you can treat your migraine at the first sign of an attack.

Compared to other migraine treatments, Imigran Recovery may seem a bit expensive, especially if you compare it on a cost per pill basis. However, bear in mind that it can be enough to treat two migraines and is completely different to other over the counter treatments because it contains sumatriptan. For just £7.99 you get a treatment that acts on the root cause of the migraine. It can get you back to normal in just two hours, giving you back days you might otherwise have lost.

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How much does Imigran Recovery cost? Imigran Recovery Migraine Quote The first time I took Imigran Recovery, I remember within 30 minutes it felt like the headache pain was breaking up and floating away. I’ll never forget that
relief. Imigran Recovery treatment of migraine symptoms quote